About Us

We Really Ride . . .

Is Timberina a one gal show? Absolutely not.

We collaborate with talented individuals to design, launch & maintain websites. We have developed a strong network of content writers, SEO specialists, IT crews and others who contribute to every site we develop. And we are not shy about calling in resources to find solutions our clients deserve.


We Don’t Do Trendy Info Blurbs . . .

Yes, we know how to create the latest visuals that explain how we will improve SEO, build UX excellence, make your site exceptional & essentially provide what nobody else can. They are used to convince you to hire THEM to work on your website vs. someone else.

We like working in the background & work to put YOU in the spotlight online.


So . . .

All we can say is go look at the sites we’ve designed. Do you like our work?  Great!

Can we help you get a site online – hosting, domain registration, site set up & imagery?  Of course.

We communicate constantly with our clients & do a ton of things most probably don’t even think really matters. We get it.

Are our clients happy with what we’ve done for them? Yes, they are. Read what they have to say.

We do know how important a good fit is.  Back to our philosophy & comparison with riding horses. The wrong horse with the wrong rider is a recipe for disaster.

A good fit?  Pure magic.

We will tell you, honestly, if it looks like we’re a good fit.  If not, that’s fine.

Do you think we can do the job for you? Awesome!

Timberina LLC

New River, Arizona
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We develop web sites using the same principals


In the equestrian world, moving forward with impulsion is the goal. Developed systematically, it demands constant communication between a horse & rider.

A successful horse & rider team appears beautifully effortless, despite the numerous hours required to produce the function & symmetry of forward motion.

How does forward motion happen? Experience, dedicated effort & a willingness to adapt is applied consistantly to create a partnership based on mutual collaboration.


Move Forward to More

Years ago, a friend commissioned a promotion for his business. “It’s not what I wanted, but they said it was what they could do & all I would get.” Asked why he paid for something he didn’t want, his reply was “I don’t know.”

Something never forgotten, and what drives us to produce only the best.