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Carmella has been taking care of our website for years now. I say “taking care” because she not only built our site, but does ALL of the maintenance. She does everything from updates to security to dealing with our web hosting to creating a mobile site.

Carmella has given us many ideas on how to drive potential customers to our website. Once, we were talking about updates and she suggested that we link our Facebook page to the website. We said “You can do that?” Her reply was “Sure, no problem!” It’s been linked ever since and is one of the most valuable parts of our website.

We’re to the point now where, if she suggests something, we just say OK – What we need to do to make that happen? And SHE makes it happen. In short, we’d be lost without her!

Tom & John McWay

Owners, Laguna Mountain Lodge

Carmella has helped me out with my business websites for years. I love working with her. Not just her knowledge but she listens to what I’m trying to accomplish and we talk about different ways to get there. She knows how to get done what I’m needing and always has good suggestions and alternatives. At the end of the day, I have a website built that I like and works well.

Carmella is my go to lady for website ideas and implementation from logo design to content. The interest she has in building the best product for me, you’d think she’s my business partner in marketing. I’d recommend her to anyone.

Randy Rutledge

Owner, Arizona Wholesale Property

Huge thanks to Carmella, our Webmaster Extraordinaire, who brought the Basenji National Specialty into the 21st century with her versatile web design. She created the first mobile-friendly website for the event, set up online entry payment features, included event forms, a shopping page, and an RV reservation system. This paid off in spades as over 90 percent of the income generated for the event was purchased and processed through the website.

Wanda Pooley

National Specialty Event Chairman, Basenji Club of America National Specialty

Okay, so here I am, thinking back to last New Year’s Eve 2016. That’s where and when I had the opportunity to meet again with Carmella during the festivities. I hadn’t seen her since the previous year’s party.

As we chatted and caught up with each other, I mentioned that I had spent the better part of 2016 trying to put a website and blog together and that I was getting somewhat frustrated that it just wasn’t happening. I was seriously anticipating some fun writing projects upon my retirement this year. While sharing some of my woes with Carmella, she asked me if I knew what she did for a living. I had no idea until that moment – she was a professional website designer! Tah-Daaaah! Happy New Year!!!

As I’m still in the glow of Thanksgiving 2017, I can’t be more thankful for that chance meeting with Carmella and my experience with her work and Timberina Websites. To say she’s done an outstanding job of putting my website together and helping me set up and use my blog on that website – would be an absolute understatement!

What I love about the way Carmella works, is how she thinks. It’s not only imperative to her to set up a website that reflects me and who I am, but she does all the legwork to make that happen. Several trips to my home to visit my writing cottage, chatting with me late into the night while jotting little notes for herself and then taking dozens of outstanding pictures were just the beginning for Carmella. I can assure you – she does not just throw a website together and call it a day!

As the site and blog began to take form, I was so relieved to be able to call Carmella when I needed some technical advice. And, if she didn’t answer that very moment – she got right back to me! There has not been one tech issue she has not been able to walk me through – and with utter patience!!!  That is priceless to me, as I’m somewhat of a newbie with WordPress.

All I can say is, if you have a dream or a hope for an outstanding, eye-catching website for personal or business use – I cannot recommend Carmella and Timberina Websites highly enough. The dedication to precision and the quality of Carmella’s work WILL most definitely make it happen!


Francine Freitag

Author & Blogger, This Goddess Rocks

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