What We Do, How It Works, Etc.

Awesome! You want us to make your website!

… but you need to know a few things before we move forward.

We ARE A Business

We are an Arizona LLC.

Standard Practices – New Websites

  1. We exclusively design Word Press websites.
  2. We provide free 24/7 Security and Maintenence service to your website for a full 3 months after your new website is launched.
  3. After the 3 month period, we offer our Security & Maintenence services to our project clients at a discounted monthly rate as our way of saying thank you for choosing us to design your website.


Website Basics – What You Need

A Domain

We encourage you to register your domain with a reputible registry.  You will need to purchase the registration.  Or we can purchase it for you.  Either way, YOU will own your registration outright – that is the way it should be.

Website Hosting

We can provide hosting for you.  We have Agency Affiliation with Site Ground Web Hosting & can accommodate all your hosting needs. 

If you choose to use another hosting provider,  the company you chose is very important.  We have worked with many providers & know which work best. If you select a hosting provider that we feel is not adequate for your needs, we will let you know that your choice is not a good fit for us and wish you the best.

Other Website Services

If you already have a website & want us to work for you that’s great. We may be able to redesign, update or revise elements, provide hosting and/or website maintenence. We are happy to consider your website needs and to provide a free estimate.


Our Free Estimate

We will work with you to determine, based on what you want and what we know you will need, an estimated breakdown of website elements & the cost of working on a website for you.  Our project cost estimates are typically pretty accurate and will let you have a good idea of all development elements & overall cost.


After The Estimate

After we present our estimate, it’s up to you to approve or disapprove our estimate.  If you approve, read on to the Contract section.  If you disapprove our estimate, and you decide not to move forward, that’s fine and we wish you the best!


Our Contract

Any/all work commences only after our contract is signed.  We do require a non-refundable deposit to start any new website project.  These funds are required to cover website elements needed for your new website.