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2nd Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m.
Don’t forget to bring $5.00 for prizes

Hostess Duties


Obtain the BUNCO Bag when you are the hostess. All supplies will be in the BUNCO Bag for your evening. Included: Score Pads, Pencils, Dice, Monthly Envelope with Score Sheets & Prize Envelopes, Monthly Check In Sheet, Bunco Bear.

Game Set Up

Set up three tables, four seats per table. Place two score pads, two pencils & three dice at each table. Determine which will be the head, middle and bottom table & place the card that identifies & gives directions on each table. The Head table also gets the game bell & BUNCO Bear.


Our Hostess is asked to provide drinks (soda, coffee, etc.), table snacks during BUNCO play (peanuts, popcorn, mints, M&M’s, etc.) and a desert for the evening. Nothing fancy. Ok, if you’re a gourmet then do make a fancy desert. But a nice cake or pie that serves 12 is just fine!


Make sure that all who attend check in & collect prize money from each atttendee. Place Prize money in the marked envelopes & set aside until the end of the evening.



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